Senior scientist 

Plant Breeding, Biotechnology, Biochemistry  and Cropping Systems Research AreaLuciano_pecetti

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Phone: +39 0371 404753


  • Graduation: Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Perugia
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): University of Wales, Bangor, UK

Research positions

  • Research Fellow at the University of Perugia in 1984
  • Research Associate at ICARDA, Aleppo (Syria), from September 1985 to June 1990
  • Scientist from 1990, Senior scientist from 2002, at CRA-FLC (former Istituto Sperimentale per le Colture Foraggere), Lodi

Main research topics

  • Genetics and breeding of legume and grass forage species (subterranean clover; lucerne; sulla; tall fescue; cocksfoot)
  • Collection, characterization, evaluation and exploitation of plant genetic resources
  • Ecophysiology of plant tolerance to stresses (drought; salinity; grazing; low temperatures)

Scientific responsibilities

  • Responsible for breeding programs on lucerne, subterranean clover, cover crops
  • Research Unit responsible in several national projects

Scientific publications

Over 170 (excluding abstracts and posters), including 58 papers on journals with high impact factor (ISI-JCR classes Q1 or Q2), and 2 chapters in international textbooks 


Commercial varieties ‘Campeda’, ‘Antas’ and ‘Losa’ of subterranean clover, and ‘Verbena’ of lucerne 

Teaching activity

  • Over 50 lecturing hours in national courses
  • Contract professor of “Breeding of herbaceous crops” at the University of Milan (in 2005)

Recent selected publications

  1. Pecetti, L.; Piano E. (2005) - Heritability of morphophysiological traits and inbreeding effects in grazing-type lucerne. Plant Breeding 124: 176-179
  2. Pecetti, L.; Tava A.; Romani M.; De Benedetto M.G.; Corsi P. (2006) - Variety and environment effects on the dynamics of saponins in lucerne (Medicago sativa L.). European Journal of Agronomy 25: 187-192
  3. Pecetti, L.; Romani M.; Piano E. (2006) - Persistence of morphologically diverse lucerne under continuous stocking and intensive grazing. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 57: 999-1007
  4. Pecetti, L.; Tava A.; Pagnotta M.A.; Russi L. (2007) - Variation in forage quality and chemical composition among Italian accessions of Bituminaria bituminosa (L.) Stirt. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 87: 985-991
  5. Pecetti, L..; Romani M.; Carroni A.M.; Annicchiarico P.; Piano E. (2007) - The effect of endophyte infection on persistence of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) populations in two climatically contrasting Italian environments. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 58: 893-899
  6. Pecetti, L.; Romani M.; Annicchiarico P.; Piano E. (2008) - Tall fescue adaptation to low nitrogen fertilisation in relation to germplasm type and endophyte infection. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science 194: 244-247
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  11. Pecetti, L.; Johnson R.C.; Romani M.; Bassignana M.; Della Marianna G. (2010) - Ecological characterization of supina bluegrass (Poa supina Schrad.) germplasm from the Italian Alps. Grass and Forage Science 66: 88-92
  12. Annicchiarico, P.; Pecetti L. (2010) - Forage and seed yield response of lucerne cultivars to chemically-weeded and non-weeded managements and implications for germplasm choice in organic farming. European Journal of Agronomy 33: 74-80
  13. Annicchiarico, P.; Pecetti L.; Abdelguerfi A.; Bouizgaren A.; Carroni A.M.; Hayek T.; M’Hammadi Bouzina M.; Mezni M. (2011) - Adaptation of landrace and variety germplasm and selection strategies for lucerne in the Mediterranean basin. Field Crops Research 120: 283-291
  14. Pecetti, L.; Annicchiarico P.; Abdelguerfi A.; Kallida R.; Mefti M.; Porqueddu C.; Simões N.M.; Volaire F.; Lelièvre F. (2011) - Response of Mediterranean tall fescue cultivars to contrasting agricultural environments and implications for selection. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science 197: 12-20
  15. Polegri, L.; Pecetti L.; Piano E.; Arcioni S.; Guaragno M.; Pupilli F. (2011) - Identification of AFLPs co-segregating with the creeping-rootedness trait in lucerne (Medicago sativa L. complex). Molecular Breeding; in press (online: DOI 10.1007/s11032-010-9463-8)