Director of Research

Coordinator of Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Area

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Phone: +39 0371 404740 - 404736


  • Doctoral Degree in Chemistry, University of Pavia
  • Habilitation to the profession of Chemist
  • Experience in several international Institutes to improve knowledge on biochemistry of natural compounds
  • Research stage at Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Ithaca NY (USA), affiliated to Cornell University, on analytical and biological studies of plant metabolites

Work experience and research positions

  • 1988, Farmitalia-Carlo Erba Company (Milano, Italy)
  • Scientist from 1989, at CRA-FLC (former Istituto Sperimentale per le Colture Foraggere) of Lodi
  • Senior scientist from 1998, at CRA-FLC of Lodi
  • Director of Research from 2006, at CRA-FLC of Lodi

Main research topics

  • Characterization of natural substances in plants, their structure elucidation and quantification
  • Biosynthesis of triterpenic glycosides in Medicago spp, chemical genetic of transgenic plants
  • Biological properties of new compounds and their implication in pharmacology and agro industry
  • Nutritional and quality parameters in feed/food, including nutraceutical and toxicological aspects
  • Secondary metabolites from plants and their implication in animal wellbeing

Scientific responsibilities

  • Responsible of “Chemistry/Biochemistry” section
  • Responsible of “Bromatology” laboratory
  • Research Unit responsible/scientist in several national/international projects
  • Advisor for graduate and Ph.D. students at the University of Pavia (Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences) and University of Milano (Agronomy, Animal Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences,)
  • Reviewer for several international Journals in the field of plant biochemistry

Scientific publications

Over 150 papers on international Journals with high impact factor

Recent selected publications

  1. Carelli, M.; Biazzi, E.; Panara, F.; Tava, A.; Scaramelli, L.; Porceddu, A.; Graham, N.; Odoardi, M.; Piano, E.; Arcioni, S.; May, S.; Scotti, C. and Calderini, O. Medicago truncatula CYP716A12 is a multifunctional oxidase involved in the biosynthesis of hemolytic saponins. The Plant Cell, 2011, 23, 3070-3081.
  2. Tava, A.; Scotti, C. and Avato, P. Biosynthesis of saponins in the genus Medicago. Phytochemistry Reviews, 2011, 10, 459-469.
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