Valutazione dei rischi legati alla presenza di antibiotico resistenze negli alimenti fermentati di origine animale, con particolare rifrimento alle produzioni tipiche e a denominazione protetta

resp: funding: MIPAAF duration: 2 years

General aim: to study the non-starter LAB of a pasteurized cheese (Gorgonzola) for the presence of antibiotic-resistant strains.

Activity and achievements of CRA-FLC:

  • Selective counts for selection of non-starter LAB resistant to erythromycin, tetracycline and kanamycin. About 300 strains, mainly mesophilic hetero-fermentative lactobacilli, were isolated from Gorgonzola cheeses, and MIC values determined.
  • Antibiotic-res strains were found, and genetic determinants of resistance (tetM/tetW for tetracycline, ermB for erythromycin) were identified in few strains.
  • According to the number of antibiotic-res strains found, it has been assumed that in Gorgonzola the levels did not represent a possible risk.