Valorizzazione e caratterizzazione della microflora autoctona dei prodotti lattiero-caseari calabresi

resp: dr. D. Carminati funding: Regione Calabria duration:

General aim: to study the composition and biodiversity of the lactic acid bacteria of some typical Calabrian cheeses, such as Caciocavallo Silano, Pecorino Crotonese and Pecorino Monte Poro.

Activity and achievements of CRA-FLC:

Classical microbiological analysis combined with molecular techniques (RAPD-PCR with primer M13) allowed the typing and presumptive identification of 330 isolates, 302 belonged to 19 different lactic acid bacteria species. The RAPD profiles database, integrated with the information on the origin of each strain, has proved a useful tool to assess biodiversity and microbial composition of these typical Calabrian cheeses. The genotypic heterogeneity observed in these raw milk cheeses could be attributed primarily to the peculiarities of the ecosystems of the cheese production environments.