Caratteristiche funzionali e dietetiche di latti di specie diverse e loro derivati

resp: dr. M. Rampilli funding: MIPAF duration: 3 years

General aim: Enhancement of the nutraceutical properties of goat milk; application of appropriate technologies for preservation; study and characterization of mare's milk in relation their possible use in human nutrition.

Main achievements of CRA-FLC:

  • Application of combined treatments of microfiltration / pasteurisation, to obtain a milk with prolonged shelf-life (approximately 14 days) and limited changes in the bio-functional and aroma constituents.
  • Identification of a new marker (2-heptanone) of heat the damage
  • Evaluation of the influence of different breeds and genotypes on the concentration of some lipid ( PUFA and CLA) and proteic (lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme) constituents.
  • Characterization of chemical-physical characteristics and fatty acid composition of milk samples obtained from Haflinger, Quarter horse, Sella and Salto and Rapid Heavy Draft breed mares.