Valorizzazione di formaggi tipici lombardi (Pannerone di Lodi e formaggi molli di monte) prodotti con latte crudo senza innesto con stagionatura inferiore a 60 giorni: incremento della sicurezza per rafforzare la loro competitività sul mercato

resp: dr. D. Carminati funding: Regione Lombardia duration: 3 years

General aims: to study the microbiological and chemical composition of some traditional raw milk cheeses produced in Lombardy, which are characterized by the absence of use of starter cultures, and by a ripening time inferior to 60 days, with a particular attention to Pannerone, a cheese that stays at 30°C up to 7 days and is not salted.

Main achievements of CRA-FLC:

  • Characterization of microbiological and chemical composition of Pannerone cheese and other raw milk cheeses. Development and application of molecular method (LH-PCR) to study the overall microbiological content of these cheeses.
  • Understanding of the influence of the different steps of cheese-making technology on the microbial growth and on the following changes in chemical composition.
  • Demonstration, with laboratory assays, of the antimicrobial activity of butyric acid under environmental conditions found in Pannerone cheese (against E. coli, S. aureus, L. monocytogenes).