Inerbimenti e tappeti erbosi per la valorizzazione agricola, ambientale, ricreativa e sportiva del territorio

resp: dr. E. Piano funding: MIPAAF duration: 5 years

General aim: Identification and utilisation of genetic resources specifically suitable for turfs and cover crops, and definition of technical parameters and procedures for the establishment and management of different kinds of turfs and cover crops

Main achievements of CRA-FLC:

  • Species and variety evaluation and recommendation for cool-season turfgrasses under diversified climatic conditions (sub-continental; transition; Mediterranean)
  • Collection, evaluation and valorisation of native genetic resources in cool- and warm-season turfgrasses, to develop new varieties able to enhance the sustainability of turfs
  • Contribution to the knowledge of the plant-endophyte relationships in tall fescue and the possible role of the symbiotic association in improving the growth and persistence of the host in different environments
  • Identification of suitable germplasm for cover crops in agricultural environments (vineyards) or disturbed habitats (ski runs; quarries)