Caratterizzazione e mantenimento di alcune collezioni di germoplasma vegetale costituite all'interno dei Centri e delle Unità di ricerca del CRA

resp: dr. P. Annicchiarico funding: MIPAAF duration: 1 year

General aim: Maintenance and characterisation of plant germplasm collections kept by CRA Centres and Units of Research

Main achievements of CRA-FLC:

  • Investigation of the narrow-sense heritability of lucerne forage quality (leaf:stem ratio)and its genetic correlation with forage yield
  • Determination of forage quality and concentrations of secondary metabolites in local populations of Bituminaria bituminosa var. bituminosa
  • Identification of promising Kentucky bluegrass and bermudagrass local populations for turfgrass use
  • Hybridisation between ‘Continental’ and ‘Mediterranean’ local populations of tall fescue and identification of superior introgressed materials