Activities and expertise

Analysis of milk and milk products composition (dry matter, fat, protein, protein fractions, ash, salt content, lactose). Determination of the crioscopic point, clotting ability, texture, viscosity of cheeses and other food products. Image analysis (color, structure) of different foods. GC and GC/MS analysis of lipid and volatile constituents of dairy products (triglycerides; cis/trans fatty acids; sterols; non-volatile hydrocarbons and phospholipids). Sugars and organic acids determination. Determination of aminoacids, peptides and proteins to monitor cheese ripening. Determination of thermal damage indicators (whey proteins, lactulose, furosin, benzoic acid). Gel-electrophoresis of proteins to study genetic polymorphisms, proteolysis during ripening and shelf-life, food adulterations. 


Main equipments

Quadrupole mass spectrometers with the possibility to perform chemical ionization. Several GC and HPLC systems. Capillary gel-electrophoresis system. Texturemeter.



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