Activities and expertise

Extraction, purification, identification, structural characterization and quantification of biologically active metabolites (saponins, protease inhibitors, flavons, isoflavons, tannins, essential oils, alcaloids, terpenes, toxins, etc.) of plants of agricultural interest. Determination of biochemical parameters involved in defining crop plant quality. Bromatological determinations (total proteins,lipids, and carbohydrates content; crude fiber; lignin; ash, digestibility and degradability of the organic matter) in vegetal material. Definition and development of NIRS equations for rapid determination of nutritional parameters in plant material used for human and animal feed (in strict synergy with the IRLAB, see below


Main equipments

GC/MS; GC/FID; HPLC/UV-Vis DAD; NIRS Systems 5500 and 6500; automatic nitrogen macroanalyzer.



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