Baroncina farm is located 2 km from the city center of Lodi. The farm extends for about 40 hectares and has a forage-livestock activity. At the farm are present 130 Friesian dairy cattle, with an average per capita milk production of 11.439 kg. In 2010, The Baroncina farm received the “Vacca di Legno” award at the livestock yearly show in Codogno. The award is assigned to the breeding with the best composite index calculated by the official statistics of Provincial Association of Breeders (APA). The Baroncina farm produces the milk (approx. 600,000 kg/year) to be used for cheese processing at the Pilot Plant of the CRA-FLC Center (see dedicated section on this site). The farmlands are set for the production of maize, stable lawns alternated with lawns for hay production and, marginally, to meet the demand for corn grain. Part of the farmlands are also dedicated to meet the needs for agronomic, forage and environmental research.


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