The Pilot Plant for the Enhancement and Improvement of the Quality of Dairy Products (PPDP) is operating since autumn 2012. The PPDP has been funded by the Italian Agriculture Ministry and it is located at the CRA-FLC farm (“Cascina Baroncina”)  just outside the city of Lodi. The plant is designed to process up to 1000 L/day of locally produced milk. The pasteurizer is designed for a capacity of 800 L/h. The daily milk amount is mainly used for the following cheese technologies: Grana and other cooked cheeses, soft cheeses, pasta filata cheeses, and ricotta. A specific area is dedicated to small-scale experiments, such as design and testing of new starters to improve fermented milks and cheeses. The PPDP is equipped with chemical and microbiological laboratories and an educational area. Spaces and services are readily available to implement new production lines or to host pilot plants from other Institutions within cooperation projects. To this purpose, the plant is physically divided into two areas: the “research laboratory area”, which could accomodate plant prototypes for laboratory and pilot productions, and the “production area”,  where is carried out research on dairy processing and the application on a semi-industrial scale of results coming from the laboratory zone. We are available to work with partners to determine their goals and objectives and then set up, design, and carry out cheese trials. Contracted trials may involve testing ingredients, developing new cheeses and starter cultures, optimizing flavor and performance in existing cheeses, or simply finding answers to your questions. Additionally, we have analysts who can conduct compositional, chemical, microbiological, sensory, and functional testing, on both routine and cutting edge products.