Coordinating Plant Breeding for Diversity

resp.: dr. Paolo Annicchiarico funding: MIPAAF (within FP7-Core Organic II) duration: 3 years

General aim: Coordinating, linking and expanding organic breeding activities in cereals and grain legumes across Europe, with a focus on (i) improved seed quality and health, (ii) increased crop resilience, adaptability and performance, and (iii) development of novel breeding methods that enhance and maintain crop diversity. The project, coordinated by the Organic Research Centre of the United Kingdom, joins 41 research institutions and seed companies

Activities of CRA-FLC: research, and task responsibility, for

  • Evolutionary, farmer-participatory, and marker-assisted selection strategies for pea breeding
  • Control of grain legume seed-borne diseases with essential oils (in collaboration with CRA-PAV of Rome)