Research work in this sector is aimed at investigating primary and secondary metabolites involved in quality aspects of forage plants, as well as natural compounds possessing antinutritional, toxic, nutraceutical and pharmacological properties. Research topics include:

  • analysis of primary metabolites in feed and forage material by chemical (bromatologic) and spectroscopic (NIRS) approaches
  • identification, characterization and quantification of secondary metabolites (saponins, volatile compounds, protease inhibitors, isoflavones, tannins, alkaloids) by chromatographic (GC, LC) and spectroscopic (IR, UV/Vis) techniques
  • chemical structure elucidation of new plant metabolites by mass spectrometry (EI-MS, ESI-MS/MS) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
  • biosynthesis of plant metabolites (metabolomics) by chemical investigation of metabolic pathways in transgenic plantsĀ 
  • evaluation of the biological properties of novel plant compounds for potential use in pharmaceutical, food and agro industries